SEMA 2012 Show Coverage

LSX Engine Valves

Watch Ferrea’s latest video from SEMA this year, show casing our 6000 Series 5/16 Valves for the LSX-DR cylinder heads. Made with durability in mind, these valves can handle both turbocharged and supercharged applications. Designed to provide excellent reliability in an environment of high spring pressures and roller cams, at a budget price.
Click here to view video > SEMA Show 2012


Also on display, Ferrea’s Tool Steel Retainers available for both Domestic and Sport Compact Applications. CNC machined for high quality precision and tight tolerances.  We developed these Tool Steel Retainers using latest FEA and CAD software plus running compressive load rigs to prove material strengths. Tool Steel Retainers provide many valvetrain benefits: light weight, exceptional wear and strength properties, making them able to withstand even the most demanding race applications.  Click here to order for your application: Tool Steel Retainers


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